8. Ring:bit Breakout Board with Battery Holder in 3 IO Ports#

8.1. Ring:bit V2#

Hello, in order to use Ring:bit car better, we need to know about Ring:bit expansion board, Ring:bit V2 is a simple expansion board based on Pico:ed. From the Pico:ed main board, it leads to 3 IO ports, 3 power ports and 3 ground ports. We will use this module to convert the P0/P1/P2 interface to a universal GVS interface. The back battery compartment is for 3 AAA batteries to drive the car and other accessories.


8.2. Introduction#

The Ring:bit V2 breakout board is a dedicated expansion board designed to increase the expandability of the Ring:bit car. The board contains two Rainbow LEDs and a dedicated expansion port for connecting dedicated expansion modules. There is a sliding switch on the board, toggle the switch to “Rainbow LED” to use the two on-board Rainbow LEDs and toggle the switch to “Other modules” and you can connect other dedicated modules, but you cannot do both at the same time.