1. OBPushButton - Blue

1.1. Introduction

This is a digital push button sensor, which detects your press action and it is ideal for beginners to use.


1.2. Characteristics

  • The 3-pins ports is easy to plug and play.

  • It can work with micro:bit in 3V.

1.3. Specifications

Item | Parameter :-: | :-: SKU|EF04034 Power Supply|3V-5.5V Connector Type|Analog Pins Definition|1-Signal 2-VCC 3-GND Response |Quick response with high sensitivity Circuit|Simple Stability|Stable and durable

1.4. Outlook and Dimension


1.5. Quick to Start

Materials used and connection diagram

  • Connect to the P1 port as the picture shows

    Take sensor:bit for example


Program as the picture shows



Links: https://makecode.microbit.org/_WhpgVrc8sPCM

You can also download the links below:



  • While the button being pressed, an icon is showing on the micro:bit; while released, a rectangle is showing on the micro:bit.

1.6. Relevant Cases

1.7. Technique Files