9. Sonar:bit#

9.1. Introduction#

  • Sonar:bit is a 3-wire ultrasonic module with the working voltage between 3-5V. It is available to be used to 3.3V or 5V micro-controller system. With only one 3-wire(GVS) cable, it can work properly. Compared to the normal 4-wire ultrasonic module, it has saved one IO port. The measurement range of sonar:bit is 4cm-400cm. It can output stable and accurate measurement data with ±1cm tolerance only.

  • It can connect to the Ring:bit with an expansion board.


9.2. Characteristics#

  • Input voltage:3V~5V and can be driven by micro:bit directly.

  • Standard 3-wire GVS connecotr, which occupies 1 IO port only.

9.3. Parameter#

Item Parameter Remark
Name Ring:bit car v2 sonar:bit -
SKU EF04089 -
Working Voltage DC 3-5V -
Connection 3pin GVS connection -
Output Signal Simulation -
Measuring Distance 4-400cm -
Dimmension 40.60mm * 51.60mm -
Net Weight 12g -

9.4. Outlook#


9.5. Quick to Start#

Hardware Connection#

  • Connect the acrylic transition board to the back board with the rivets.


  • Connect the Sonar:bit to the other side of the acrylic transition board with rivets.


  • Connect the Sonar:bit to the Ring:bit breakout board with a 3-pin wire.


Software Programming#

  • Choose sonar:bit in makecode.

  • Search ringbit in the dialogue box and click it to download it.

  • Programme to measure the distance with ultrasonic in makecode on-line editor.


Links: https://makecode.microbit.org/_RVrYuDaT9acp

You can download it directly below:


  • The value measured by Sonar:bit is showing on the micro:bit.

9.6. About#

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