14. Case 11: A Simple Fan#

14.1. Purpose#

Make a fan with NezhaA Inventor’s Kit.


14.2. Purchse#

NezhaA Inventor’s Kit

14.3. Materials Required#


14.4. Assembly Steps#

../../_images/neza-a-step-11-01.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-02.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-03.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-04.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-05.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-06.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-07.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-08.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-09.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-10.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-11.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-12.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-13.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-14.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-15.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-16.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-17.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-18.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-19.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-20.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-21.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-22.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-23.png ../../_images/neza-a-step-11-24.png

14.5. Hardware Connection#

Connect the motor to M1 and the two buttons to J1 port on Nezha-A master box. ../../_images/neza-a-case-10-03.png

14.6. Programming#

14.6.1. Prepare the programming#

Steps for preparation please refer to: Arduino 3 in 1 Breakout Board

Import the libraries and the subsidiary libraries of Nezha-A master box and then import the libraries of the two buttons:PlanetXButton-main.zip Download and import the self-defined library connections for Nezha-A master box: RJPins-main.zip

14.6.2. Sample Code:#

// Language ArduinoC
#include <RJPins.h>
#include <NezhaA.h>
#include <PlanetXButton.h>

PlanetXButton buttonJ1(J1);    //Create an instance of PlanetXButton category
NezhaA nezhaA;    //Create an instance of NezhaA category

void setup() {
  nezhaA.begin();    //Initiliaze the buzzer, motor, servo and light

void loop() {
  if (buttonJ1.isPressed(C)) {    //While button C is pressed
    nezhaA.setMotorSpeed(M1, 100);   //Set the speed of the motor connecting to M1 at 50%
  if (buttonJ1.isPressed(D)) {    //While button D is pressed

14.6.3. Result#

After powering on, press button C to drive the motor and press button D to stop driving.