3. Safety instructions#

Before handling the Ring:bit Bricks Pack, please read and familiarize yourself with the following precautions. Users should strictly observe all precautions and ensure that the Ring:bit Bricks Pack is properly assembled and in proper working condition. The following operating principles should be followed:

  1. Do not block the movement of the trolley when the Ring:bit Bricks Pack is in operation and do not overload the trolley. Ring:bit Bricks Pack movement is driven by the servo, the servo blocking or too much load will cause a lot of heat, which will lead to damage.

  2. Do not disassemble or in any other way alter the structure of the Ring:bit Bricks Pack yourself.

  3. Before each use, be sure to check that the Ring:bit Bricks Pack’s fixing screws are not loose or fallen off.

  4. Do not allow the Ring:bit Bricks Pack to travel through water or spill water on the Ring:bit Bricks Pack body.

  5. Do not place the Ring:bit Bricks Pack in a location where it can be easily dropped.

  6. After each use of the Ring:bit Bricks Pack, please disconnect the batteries and place them properly.

  7. Do not use sharp objects to scratch or scrape any part of the Ring:bit expansion board.