2. Power:bit#

2.1. Introduction#

Power:bit button cell board is a micro expansion board in the smallest size equipped with a buzzer. It can not only supply power to the board but is also equipped with P1, P2,GND and 3V ports by the row needles, which can be used with our acrylic watch straps and boards.

2.2. Speciality#

  • Power is supplied by two 3V CR2025 lithium cells.

  • It is equipped with a buzzer, and is controlled with P0 port.

  • P1, P2, 3V, and GND pins are led by row needles.

  • It perfectly suits acrylic watch straps and micro:bit boards.

2.3. Parameter#

Item Parameter
Name power:bit
Version Number V1.6
SKU EF03409
Operating Voltage 2.7~3.3V
Buzzer Support
Size 42x52mm
Net weight 10.7g

Exterior dimension#


2.4. Diagram for Pins#


2.5. Introduction to main function modules#

Power switch#

I for connecting the power, 0 for disconnecting.

1x4 Row needles connectors#


P1, P2, 3V and GND pins are led by row needles for extended use.

Two CR2025 battery holders#


Power can be supplied by 2025 cell(3V Li-Mn button cell ) with an easy installation.



Controlled with P0 port, it can play music.

2.6. Easy to operate#

Hardware connection#

Fasten micro:bit board with power:bit by five screws, and install two 3V 2025 cells into the battery holder, while the switch is toggled to I, it is powered on; while toggles to 0, it is powered off.

Software programming#

Use makecode to programme the micro:bit with “show icon”.

links of the code:https://makecode.microbit.org/_MP28fbDmUMfz

You can also download directly from below:


Icon is shown on the micro:bit.

2.7. FAQ#