9. Case 06 -Use Joystick:bit to Control the XGO#

9.1. Purpose#

Control the XGO with the Joystick:bit, please visit [Joystick:bit](14. Joystick:bit V2 — micro bit tutorial (elecfreaks.com)) for more information.

9.2. Materials#

1 × micro:bit XGO Robot Kit

1 × joystick:bit kit

9.3. Hardware Connections#

Connect the micro:bit with the computer through the USB cable.


9.4. Software Platform#



9.5. Programming#

Add the XGO extension:





9.6. Code#


Program the Joystick:bit#


Program XGO#


Link: Joystick program

Or you can download it directly:

Link: XGO Program

Or you can download it directly:

9.7. FAQ#

If XGO doesn’t walk, check the power status of the XGO and the Joystick:bit.

9.8. Exploration#

Can we control the XGO with the C/D/E/F buttons on the Joysitck:bit?