7. Ring:bit v2.0(EF03423)#


7.1. Introduction of Ring:bit car 2#

The ELECFREAKS Ring:bit Car is a small DIY smart car driven by the BBC micro:bit and the ELECFREAKS Ring:bit. The Ring:bit extends the micro:bit’s 3 GPIO ports and allow for different sensors and components to be easily attached to the micro:bit. A basic Ring:bit Car can be easily programmed to run autonomously, with a remote control, and even create rainbow beacons of light. Just add one of the many extensions available and your Ring:bit Car can do even more things like line and light following, obstacle avoiding, drawing and more!

Please note that the Ring:bit car version 2 has been upgraded. It is diffrent from the Ring:bit car version

  1. All related documents refers to the Ring:bit car version

  2. Information of the Ring:bit car version 1

7.3. Components list#

Components Numbers Pictures
micro:bit Optional
Ring:bit Expansion Board 1
Ring:bit Car Expansion Board 1
Ring:bit Car Front Board 1
Ring:bit Car Back Board 1
Ring:bit Car Base Board 1
Ring:bit Car Side Board 2
Ring:bit Car Wheel 2
Binding Post 1
360° Servo 2
Castor Wheel 1
Screw 5
Tapping Screw 5
Rivet 2
Screwdriver 1
Rubber Band 1