11. Case 07: Remote Control XGO with the APP#


11.1. Purpose#

Hello, in this class we are about to learn to program and control XGO, we will make XGO do more interesting things and make it our best friend. In this lesson, we programmed XGO to move forward quickly. Of course, if you want XGO to turn and adjust the code, let’s start.

11.2. Materials#

1 × micro:bit XGO Robot Kit

1 × Smart Phone

11.3. Hardware Connection#

Download XGO APP#

For Android users, search with “XGO” in Google Play; for IOS users, search with “XGO” in the IOS APP Store, after downloading, open it and you will see the interface below:

xgo app打开界面

Connect XGO#

Click the bluetooth icon on the left up side on the app interface(see picture 1), then you will see the interface as picture 2.

xgo app蓝牙连接界面

xgo app蓝牙打开界面

Following the tips, shake your phone and the bluetooth will connect automatically(Notice: Turn on the XGO, the bluetooth and location of the phone beforehand, if it fails to connect, please check your settings of the phone to see if you have authorised to use such functions).

xgo app蓝牙打开界面

11.4. Control#

There are four ways to control the XGO which include the performance mode, the overall mode, the single-leg control and the servo control.

The performance mode has all the preset commands which could control xgo with a low DOFs and a high operability.

xgo app蓝牙打开界面

The overall mode is able to control the speed and directions with a high DOFs and senstive operation.

xgo app蓝牙打开界面

Single-leg control and servo control can be controlled with a much smaller granularity for a single leg (left front leg, right front leg, right rear leg, left rear leg), and adjustment of the upper and lower rudder for a single leg. Commonly used for minor adjustments to specific movements.

xgo app蓝牙打开界面

xgo app蓝牙打开界面

11.5. Project#

This project uses XGO App in the overall mode to make the XGO go forward/backward/right/left, you can see the reference video here.

xgo app蓝牙打开界面