2. Wear:bit#

2.1. Introduction#

Wear:bit button panel Pro is a mini extension board in small size.

It can give power to the micro:bit and is loaded with buzzer which can be used with our watch strap and the micro:bit. The breakthroughs are:

Simplify the installation without using the acrylic back shroud.

Maintain a simple style with 3-pin ports canceled.

Upgrade the function by adding a switch for the buzzer.

2.2. Characteristic#

Powered by two 3V CR2025 lithium batteries. Loaded with a buzzer that is controlled through P0 port. Loaded with a buzzer switch. It can be used with the watch strap and the micro:bit.

2.4. Outlook and Dimension#


2.5. Parameter#

Name: Wear:bit Version: V1.0 Working Voltage: 2.7~3.3V Buzzer: Support Size: 49.1x51.6mm Net Weight:12.7g

2.6. Introduction to Main Modules#

Power Switch#

“I” to switch on, “O” to switch off.


Two CR2025 Battery Holders#

It is powered by 2025 button cells(3V Li-Mn button cells) with a simple installation method.


Buzzer and Switch#

The buzzer is controlled through P0 port that can play music. The switch powers the buzzer on or off.


2.7. Quick to Start#

Hardware Connection#

Install two 3V 2025 button cells to the battery holder of the Wear:bit extension board.


Fix the micro:bit to the button cell extension board Pro with screws.


When switching on, the cells give power to the micro:bit and the Wear:bit, or the cells do not give power.


If slide the buzzer switch to the left side, the buzzer begins working; while to the right side, the buzzer stops working.


Software Programming#

Open Makecode, programme to make micro:bit show heart in a flash way.

Link: https://makecode.microbit.org/_MP28fbDmUMfz

You can also download it below:


A flash heart pattern is showing on the micro:bit.

2.8. FAQ#